Dentists and Their worst Nightmare!

The Ultimate solution to the dreaded customer "upsell" and the most effective way to get more customers who buy more high ticket cases.

Tired of constantly having to dramatically reduce your prices just to fill your seats?

Wondering why you are not making headway with your patients when it comes to “selling” your services?

Ever feel like the market is too “price resistant”?

Do you find that you are constantly having to sell your services day in day out?

Tired of patients always complaining about not having enough money to buy your services?

They may not be the problem. The problem may be in your approach. These days, you have thousands of dentists doing exactly what you are doing. If you are going to take your practice to the next level financially you're going to have to find a way to set your practice apart.

You have spent too much money on Groupon and other forms of marketing to just let it go to waste. What you need right now is for those efforts to translate into real SALES, not just for the smaller cases but big cases too.

Don't risk losing potential customers and ruining your practice. Instead, make sure you are getting more patients monthly and holding on to them, that is the only way you would be able to scale this practice.

We will distinguish your practice and get you a new stream of fresh leads within a matter of weeks,not months.

 You'll learn the strategies that the "big guys" with multiple offices have used to grow thier practice year after year. By the time we're done, you'll be unable to keep up with  the demand.


You don't have to sit around and wait for referrals or that "big break". You don't have to lower your prices to match the lowest common denomenator in order to get customers because you are not a commodity, you are a Dentist !!!!



Do You Constantly Have To Dramatically Reduce Your Prices Just To Fill Your Seats?

Are you constantly reducing your prices and throwing in all kind of bonuses just to compete?
You find that you are having to match your prices to the lowest common denomenator in your field.
It is all about positioning, we are going to position you in a such a way as to make this possible.


Do You Experience High "Price Resistance"?

Do you feel like the market is too “price resistant”?  Many dentists talk about price resistance and feel that they have to compete on price alone most of the time.
That is the fastest and surest way to run any practice to the ground.
You don't want to compete on price. 
Price resistance is an indication that your marketing is not properly targeted.
Target groups don't have any price resistance. We are going to help you streamline your marketing and target underserved groups.


Do Your Patients Never Seem to Be Able to Afford Your Services

Do your patients always complain about not having enough money to buy your services?  
Let me tell you a secret , they are buying the latest iPhone and going on $3000 vacations.
What if money was not the issue. 60% of Dental services in america every year are elective services.
Think about that. 
We'll get you to a place where you have more business than you can handle by targeting underserves audiences where you can easily dominate without having to compete with everyone else.


Are you constantly having to "Sell" your services?

Are you constantly having to “sell” services to your clients and  feel like it diminishes the respectability of your practice and your profession as a health care provider?  
Do you wish you didn't have to worry about sales anymore.
Well , you don't. Let us worry about that for you.


Do Your Patients Go to Groupon for Deals?

Do you struggle to secure your customers’ loyalty?
Once you’ve grabbed your patients’ attention, you have to keep them glued.

We’ll  get your patients addicted to your services by giving  you an edge and a compelling mesage to ensure that your patients come back again and again to you for more services and stop shopping for great deals on Groupon


Have You Failed at Pay Per Click ?

Have you failed miserably at previous PPC attempts and incured nothing but loses.
Do you feel like your attempts at marketing have been a total waste of time and money?  
We are going to re-write your story or your money back guaranteed. No other company can say that without passing out.

Prove It To Me

To convince anyone to buy, you must have proof that your product does what you claim. You can do that in two ways: studies and testimonials. We’ll show you how to take information from a study and make it into compelling reasons to say yes. We’ll also show you how, and where, to use customer testimonials throughout your copy.

Make Me an Offer I Can’t Refuse

We are going to make you an offer you can't refuse, If you call us today, you  will get a FREE 360 Consultation(value $225)  and we'll show you how to achieve all these resutls FREE.

I Guarantee It

No one wants to take a chance on a product they’ve never tried before. So we don't want you to take any unncessary risk with someone you have never heard of. For that reason we have a 100% risk FREE guarantee if you don't see any increase in sales after 4 months of working with us.


This is the best decision without a doubt you could ever take for the success of you Practice.